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The seven professional quotients for success

Updated: Mar 2, 2019


Anushree Sharma

Organizations would need to decentralize their focus from domain skills and balance on a full complement of abilities. Here is the mix of seven essential qualities to ensure personal and business success.

Kodak, Nokia, Yahoo, and we can quote numerous examples of other companies that were once leaders in their industry and are now becoming irrelevant and facing extinction. On the other hand, we have Netflix,, and Uber categorized as “Millennial Era” companies which are not waiting for business to transform and are now leading the way.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, making companies rethink their talent management approach. While a good pay cheque might have been enough for the past generation, companies have to offer more than monetary compensation for most millennials – a culture reinforcing career development and attaining new skills.

During a recent roundtable hosted by People Matters and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), experts reverberated their views on Generation next – career aspirations, work preferences, and employability skills.

Murli Padmanabhan, Senior VP and Head Talent Management India, Virtusa and the keynote speaker at the roundtable; shared that in the “Millennial Era” companies employees across different organizations will view careers in waves with changing path, pace, and regular breaks to attain new capabilities. Organizations have started focusing on automation to free their employees from repetitive tasks to focus on creative assignments and also place a high premium on experiential learning.

He further stated that the next generation needs a spectrum of professional competencies to progress in their respective careers. A mixture of technical knowledge, skills, and communications ability will create a unique professional quotient and add maximum value for employers and clients.

Adding on to Padmanabhan’s view, Rahul Puri, Head of Employer Relations, ACCA shared that the businesses are facing overwhelming challenges that demand the next generation of professionals to be leaders with comprehensive understanding of business, honed skills of critical thinking, and the abilities to collaborate with diverse groups to solve problems and create change. He further shared research conducted by ACCA and highlighted ACCA’s seven professional quotients to ensure personal and business success.

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