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10 Quotients Lead To Success

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

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Cherry Xu

To be successful is a beautiful dream of everyone, but it is not an easy thing. Through continuous practice, and accumulate efforts to improve ten quotients, balanced development, you will be able to build a successful and happy building.

1, Moral intelligence quotient

It refers to a person's moral standards. The moral intelligence quotient includes caring, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, honesty, responsibility, peace, loyalty, politeness, humor, and other virtues. We often say that the intelligence is put in the first place, Coles said, character is better than knowledge. See, it is the most important, a virtuous people, will be subject to the trust and respect, and naturally have more chance of success.

2, Intelligence quotient

It is a level of human intelligence, it can also show a person knowledge level, showing a person's observation, memory, thinking, imagination and creativity. If we want to be successful we must keep on learning, and accumulate intelligence. It is necessary.

3, Emotional intelligence quotient

It refers the ability to manage emotions and interpersonal skills. Now people face a fast-paced life, high work load and complexity of relationships, so if you have emotional intelligence you can be easier to be successful. Therefore, people with high emotional intelligence always get a lot of user and support. Relationships are also important resources in modern life, if you have good relationships then you can get more chance of success. Remember it.

4, Adversity intelligence quotient

It refers to the capacity to face difficulties. Today, in the peaceful society if you have this quotient, then you will benefit a lot. The great men tell us that difficulties will not last for a long time. Because people have amazing potential, as long as play it, we will be able get through difficulties and create a brilliant life.

5, Daring intelligence quotient

It refers to a person's courage, in a word it is a spirit of adventure. If a person have a high daring intelligence can grasp the opportunities, regardless of different times, if a person have the courage to take risks, then he has the chance to success.

6, Financial intelligence quotient

It refers to the capacity of financial management. Without financial management capabilities, you will spend all your money. You should pay attention to this ability.

7, Mental intelligence quotient

It refers to the ability to maintain mental health and commissioning psychological pressure. The 21st century is the era of depression, the human face greater psychological pressure, so improve mental intelligence is vital.

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